Self Setup Geo-Spatial Monitoring Solutions

IoT solutions which monitor, in Real-Time, the structural movements of mining earthworks for compliance and safety purposes (i.e. Tailings Dams, Stockpile, Excavation & Rehabilitation Monitoring).


A Self Setup, affordable, simple and cyber secure IoT LiDAR device that measures changes in approximately 2000 m2 of terrain in real time. Terrain changes are updated to our Real-Time geospatial IoT platform at low bandwidth (3K per scan). Terrain change data can be transported via 4G; WiFi; or satellite. Stand-off Distance: 5m to 260m, Ranging Precision: 2cm.

Spatial IoT Platform

Live Terrain is a real-time cloud based geospatial IoT platform that fuses Real-Time Geospatial data from any connected device and enables interoperability and sharing of the most precise and current Geospatial Data within mine operations, stakeholders, governments and the community at zero marginal cost. This platform can ingest real time and episodic geo-spatial data from:
  • Laser Scanning (IoT Lidar)
  • Fleet systems
  • Terrestrial-based radar
  • Drone or satellite-collected optic and photogrammetric surveys
  • Satellite-based Interferometric Synthetic-Aperture Radar (InSar)
  • Cleans and fuses all Geospatial data into a single 4D data set

Tailings Dams Monitoring

For most modern mining operations, unplanned structural movements of Tailings Dams embankments are generally classed as High Potential Incidents, which require inspections, reporting and investigation. This often involves sending mine personnel into potentially hazardous areas to collect anecdotal observations and document observations in the form of a written report.

GlassTerra's Self Setup IoT LiDAR provides a faster, safer and cost-effective way to put Tailings Dams possible areas of concern under continuous monitoring and to provide objective, accurate and actionable data on structural movements.

IoT LiDAR can be used when:

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